EE Cameras

Perhaps you are no stranger to all the EE has to offer in terms of their excellent mobile phone and device options as well as their reliable service and pricing. However, were you in fact aware that in addition to all of the incredible mobile options and particular devices that EE also offers some of the hottest cameras available on the market? Don’t be too shocked, you are certainly not alone! Whether you are an avid photographer or simply just like taking photos of friends and family, be sure to head on over to the EE website for some of the best rated cameras; all at incredibly low prices.

When you first get to the EE website, you may not quite know where to search out their fine selection of cameras. To navigate to the camera web page all that you have to do is hover your mouse over the “Shop” category and then, when the dropdown menu comes up, just click on “Cameras”. Once you click on the Cameras option, you will quickly be redirected to the web page for all the hot cameras that EE has to offer.

One of the best cameras available through EE is the 4GEE Action Cam. The 13 MP, 4GEE Action Cam is available in black and offers 4G capacity, with 1GB of Data for 24 months. You can even stream all the live action as it is happening straight from your camera and directly to Skeegle, the awesome new video sharing app that allows you to invite all of your friends and family to watch your video at the same time! Perfect for on the go adventures to take and capture their most incredible live action events, as they play out! And if you are an existing EE customer you can take an additional 10% off your 4GEE Action Cam purchase! And best of all, the 4GEE Action Cam is the only camera in the UK to come with a Viewfinder Watch, that grants you the capability to set up your shot and control the camera from your wrist! Not to mention with the 4GEE Action Cam app you can control your camera from your phone and in turn download and share your videos instantly! You can even manage your data usage and purchase more when needed! EE helpline is ready to answer any of your queries.

Or perhaps you are in the market for the incredibly user-friendly 4GEE Capture Cam that boasts 1GB data for 24 months, and also offers a resourceful small and lightweight design, making it easy to pack up wherever you go for ease and convenience! This awesome camera also grants you the freedom to take full HD video and high quality stills. Regardless of what you are shooting you can be confident that your results will be of the finest quality. TheGEE Capture Cam additionally boasts up to 1080P High definition video recording at 30fps and a 8MP High quality 8 megapixel still camera!

Regardless of which camera may best fit your needs, you can be sure that EE has you covered to ensure that all of your memories are captured using the latest technology and at a super afford